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Children’s Dentistry

At Advanced Dental Group, we are committed to providing our patients with the best care catered to their unique needs and aspirations. Our team of dentists and nurses are superbly trained to provide professional and gentle dental care.

Also known as pediatric dentistry (or simply paedodontics), it is a discipline of dentistry that is concerned with the dental health of children. 
Most people are unaware of the importance of cultivating good dental habits right from a young age.

We advise parents to introduce their children to regular dental visits in order for early-identification of dental issues and ensure proper jaw and teeth growth. This will reduce the likelihood of oral complications in the later part of their lives.


This is a form of cleaning procedure that ensures that the teeth is thoroughly cleaned. Prophylaxis is a crucial preventive treatment that stops the progression of oral diseases (e.g. gingivitis and tooth decay) in children.

Treatment Charges
$50 – $75
If you have any further questions regarding the treatment, please feel free to call 8684 1000 to speak to our patient care associate. Alternatively, you may also e-mail us at

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