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Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is concerned with repairing infected or badly-decayed tooth, by disinfecting the root canal and ensuring it is bacteria-free. For most, this treatment instills fear of tremendous pain and discomfort. However, one should know that the treatment itself is painless, and the source of pain is from the infection of the tooth itself. Local anaesthesia is usually applied to numb the surrounding area.

What exactly is a root canal?
Your teeth are no different from any other organs found in your body. They contain nerves and blood vessels, otherwise also known as the “pulp” at the centre of the tooth. The long canals within the tooth that encompasses the pulp are referred to as the root canals.

How is the treatment done?
The treatment consists of 2 stages:

Step 1: Cleaning and disinfecting of the canal (‘cleaning’ and ‘shaping’)
Step 2: Filling of canal with to prevent re-growth of bacteria (‘obturation’)

These 2 steps can be performed in a single or separate session, depending on  the condition of the tooth. After the treatment is completed, the tooth is restored to its original shape by sealing off the canal with a filling or crown.

Treatment Charges
Root Canal Treatment
$500 – $1285 (excludes Crown)
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