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Crowns and Bridges


Also known as fixed partial dentures, dental bridges consist of 2 crowns that are fitted onto existing teeth adjacent to the missing teeth, and artificial teeth connected between the crowns that ‘bridge’ the gap. Additionally, the anchoring of the bridge can also be done with dental implants.

How are dental bridges made?
First, the natural teeth that will be used as support will be reshaped to make space for the crowns. These teeth are called “abutments”. Next, an impression of the abutments and gums (where the missing teeth are) will be made, which will be used to customise the bridge to fit the patient’s mouth. The impression is sent to a dental laboratory where professional technicians will create the customised bridge by hand or through computer-assisted manufacturing processes. The laboratory usually takes one to two weeks to fabricate the bridge. Once the bridge is ready, the patient will come for a follow-up visit to mount the bridge precisely.

How long can dental bridges last? 
A dental bridge is expected to last about 10 years, if proper care, such as good oral routine, is taken to maintain.